How does it work? 

1. Sign up for the Dropship option to the right. You will be asked to create an account at that time. 

2. You can create a website, have us create one for you (at a cost), or you can sell direct to your customers. 

3. You get 15% off all BLVH retail prices and set your own retail mark-up so you determine your profits! 

4. Generate traffic to your website and find customers.

5. Your customer places an order with you and makes payment. 

6. Login here to add your customer's items to the cart where you automatically receive wholesale pricing. It's important to do this in a timely manner so your customer has no delays. 

7. Enter your customer's shipping address during the checkout process.

8. Complete payment for the order

9. BLVH and/or the supplier will ship the order direct to your customer. 

There is no inventory to carry.  You make the profits by setting your own pricing. 

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