Dropship PRO

NOTE: The key difference between Dropship and Dropship PRO is that PRO is a fully automated solution. 

There is no need to login to our BLVH site in order to place your customers' dropship order.

As new products and pricing become available, it will automatically be updated on your provided site.  

YOUR DROPSHIP PRO WEBSITE IS BEING LEASED. If you decide to cancel, you can choose to purchase your website which will provide you the supplier's contact information to continue doing business.  

Your wholesale discounts come directly from the supplier to maximize your profits. 

How does it work? 

1. Sign up for the Dropship PRO option to the right. You will be asked to create an account at that time. 

2. After your sign-up fee has been paid in full, you will receive a welcome email to schedule your intro call and discuss the details of your new virgin hair website.  

3. You receive wholesale discounts direct from the supplier and set your own retail mark-up so you determine your profits! 

4. Generate traffic to your website and find customers.

5. Your customer places an order with you and makes payment. 

6. The supplier is automatically paid for their portion and the remainder is your profit.

7. The supplier receives the order and ships it direct to the your customer with your branding and packaging.  

8. Enter your customer's shipping address during the checkout process.

There is no inventory to carry.  You make the profits by setting your own pricing. 

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